The Farm at Rainbow's End

proving that great color and quality fiber are NOT mutually exclusive!

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Merely a stone's throw, yet light years away, from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan New York City, lies a little piece of paradise. It's difficult to believe such a place could exist amidst the New Jersey suburbs. From the farm, you can view the High Point Monument, the Delaware Water Gap, and the rolling hills that make up Northwest New Jersey. The former Scott dairy farm is now home to The Farm at Rainbow's End. As well as growing ninety acres of perfect orchard grass hay, we specialize in quality huacaya alpacas. Blending the finest of proven genetics and a bit of bold gut intuition, we are dedicated to proving that the best of quality fiber and wonderful color are NOT mutually exclusive.

Lori is one of those rare people that "always wanted to grow up to be a farmer." Larry would always "humor
her," but said that if the right opportunity came along, he would be on board. Who knew that one such opportunity would pop up right in their own back yard.

Born and raised on the former dairy farm, Ed Scott and his wife Jane decided that it was time to pass the torch to someone who would love the farm as much as they did. Protected from suburban sprawl by the Farmland Preservation Program, The Farm at Rainbow's End was born.

Inspired by the upstart of Alpaca Ridge by dear friends Marian and George Sykes, the alpaca industry seemed a perfect fit. From Angelwood Alpaca Farm and Frieda and Daryl Goodrich came Taffy, the beautiful pinto that
became our inspiration. She has since given us a 3 time Champion and the first recipient of the Judges Choice award, "FRE Fashionably Late". And so began -and continues- our story...